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Week Beginning 12.11.2018

This week we have been looking at the story of Hansel and Gretel in more detail.  We have been talking about where the story takes place - the setting and also thinking about the characters and how they might feel as the story continues.  The children had some wonderful suggestions on how to find their own way home if they were lost in a forest and also were very concerned for the Hansel and Gretel and not having a very nice stepmother.


In maths we have been recognising numerals to 20 and what one more and one less is.  We have been signing lots of number songs to help remember place value and also lots of counting objects and recording the numeral in lots of different ways.


In topic we looked at lots of forms of transport from the past and compared them to today.  The children were fascinated with the hot air balloon and how it stays up in the air.  We conducted a science experiment with differing plastic bags and my hairdryer to see which size and thickness was the best for making a balloon.  Next week we are designing our own forms of transport ready to build the following week.


We would be grateful for any junk modelling that you might have in your recycling boxes at home to make our models.