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Week Beginning 11.3.19

Star of the Week Certificate Winners...

Congratulations to Alisha and Jacob for their fantastic mathematical skills in both arithmetic and reasoning last week!  Keep up the great work.


This week we have been learning about Journeys in British Science Week and linked this to our topic for the term, Inheritance and Evolution.  We explored different theories of evolution dating back to 610BC up to Charles Darwin and Alfred Wallace, those ideas are still prevalent today.  We conducted our own Bird Beak Investigation to look at the shape of beak and suitablilty to different food sources.  We established that the best beak shape allowed the birds to feed as they had adapted over a long period of time.  This meant their species would survive as the birds had adpated to their environment, proving themselves to be 'the fittest'.  As expressed by Darwin, those not suited and adapted to their environment could not get enough food to eat and died, leading to some species becoming extinct.  In the British Science Week Assembly we shared our learning with the rest of the school, including posters we had made and even recreated the 'theory of evolution picture' - the story of evolution from apes to neanderthal to modern day  man!  


We have also continued our SATs preparations with arithematic, reasoning and calculating missing angles.  SPaG work included new spelling pattern of 'gue' and revising all rules taught this year.  We are doing well and becoming more confident in spelling session by session!  There was even the opportunity to work on our German skills by revising greetings and learning how to order food in a German restaurant.  Here we practised using a German dictionary and our pronounciation of the words.  Mysetery Box write was Red Nose Day themed - look out for some of our work on the wall in the main corridor.



Congratulations to Olly and Estella for winning the KS2 design a new red nose competion.  Also, well done to Estella who conducted a self-imposed silence over several days in class to raise even more money for Comic Relief!   We also had some very interesting costumes as well as some St Patrick's House members dressed in green for the day.



Shakespeare Week - we will be reading and working on Shakespeare's Hamlet ... watch out for dasterdly deeds, ghosts, deaths and revenge!  Please dress in costume on Friday for the culmination of our Shakespeare Week.