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Week beginning 11.2.19

Star of the Week Certificate Winners ...

Star of the Week Certificate Winners  ... 1
Well done for showing your super efforts and attitide to improving your writing and maths work!

This week has been predominantly about 'Mock SATs' where all the children have sat the Punctuation and Grammar paper  and Spelling paper , the Reading paper and the 3 maths papers: Arithemetic, Reasoning Paper 2 and Reasoning Paper 3.  I have to say, I have been impressed with the way everyone coped with sitting all of these tests this week.  


In addition to 'Mock SATs' week we also had the whole school Arts Week which was a welcome break from the tests!  We all went into Chiseldon village to explore the landscape, take photos and make sketches from different view points before returning to the classroom to revise our work.  Today we all shared our art with the rest of the school and are proud of our new skills and creations which you can view in the galler below: some of us surprised ourselves!