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Week beginning 1.10.2018

This week we began watching our film Mary Poppins.  The children were excited to learn about who Mary was and the children she looks after.  We spoke about if what we were watching would really happen in 'real life' and why not?


P.E. - getting undressed and changed for P.E. is taking a long time at the moment due to clothing not being named and the children not being able to undress themselves.  Please if possible could you name all of your child's uniform as it helps to reunite when it is lost.  Also if possible could the children wear polo tops as shirts/blouses are very tricky with all those buttons.  We appreciate that getting themselves dressed and undressed is time consuming but at the weekends and during half term if they cold practice it would really help them and result in longer sessions doing P.E. 


We are beginning to get into a more focused routine now with the children having Maths and Literacy along with our book talk sessions each day.  Your children have been looking at the 9 FANTASTICS and noticing when they appear in our story the term 'The Little Red Hen'.  Each child has had the opportunity to retell the story in groups with props and also during whole class reading.