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Week Beginning 10.6.19

JUNIOR GOOD CITIZEN: Monday afternoon we took part in  Swindon's annual Junior Good Citizen workshops.  Here we learned about many different aspects of safety: dogs, electrical items, road and rail safety; personal information and stranger danger; esafety and weapons.  We all learnt many new things and everyone enjoyed the trip.


CRICKET: this week we have started cricket sessions.  Despite some initial reluctance, everybody really enjoyed the it and became quite competitive!  More cricket next week.


JOSEPH: more auditions and the finalisation of the cast this week. We have also begun more rehearsals.  We will next be thinking about costumes - please see slips coming home next week for what your child will need.  


BERLIN: much chatter and sharing of pictures post-Berlin.  We are also preparing presentations to give to the Year 5 to show them what a fantastic time we all had (in 34 degree heat)!


LEAVERS' BOOKS: these are in the early design phase at the moment.  The children have been bringing in their photos and writing about themselves for their personal profile page. 


Weather - it has been really wet this week so far and several children have come to school without a waterproof coat or any coat at all.  Please ensure your child has their coat in school as well as full PE kit and trainers daily as we will aim to get outside whenever possible to let off some steam!