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Week 19th November 2018

The weather has definitely changed this week, we've noticed in Year 3!


In Maths, we have continued our learning of our times tables but this week have focussed on the four and eight times tables. The children have been singing songs, chanting, picking out multiples and playing our new favourite game, BINGO! All to help us remember those times table facts. 

It will still be hugely beneficial if you can practice these times tables with your children at home. On the school website under Maths there are many powerpoints aimed to support the children in doing this. They must be able to recall the times table fact in under 6 seconds. There are also many games available online that you can play with your child. Top Marks is an excellent free website to have a look at!


In Science, we have moved on to looking at the skeleton. This week we learnt that there are three different types of skeletons: endoskeletons, exoskeletons and hydrostatic skeletons. We will continue to look at human and animals over the next few weeks. 


Computing was a little different this week, the children went outside to discover more about algorithms. They had to create an algorithm to direct their partner around and through the play park we have in our playground. The partner was under strict direct to do exactly as their partner told them. This helps us understand how detailed and precise algorithms need to be.


Have a fantastic weekend, I'll see you next week!