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Week 18th March 2019

This week was Shakespeare Week at Chiseldon! Each class chose a play to focus their week on. In Year 3, we looked at the Tempest!


On Monday, the children learnt all about William Shakespeare himself. They researched all about him and his life and learnt lots of interesting facts. They even wrote their own biographies on Shakespeare.


Tuesday was all about learning The Tempest and it's story. The children read the story, watched videos and researched all about the characters. They then retold the story in a variety of ways. One group used finger puppets of the characters to tell the story. Another group had pictures of the story that they had to put in order and explain what was happening in each section. The last group made their own storyboards.


Year 3 wrote newspaper articles on Wednesday based on the disappearance of Antonio's boat. We researched lots of information and the children wrote some great pieces!


It was art on Thursday! Children recreated their version of the storm at sea using oil pastels and water colours. They produced some fantastic pieces of art!


Don't forget it is Spelling Bee next week so get learning those 48 spellings.


Miss Milroy