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Week 17th September 2018

This week in Year 3 has been a busy one! We have not stopped working!


We have continued our diary writing in English focussing on a day in the life of Matilda. The children have been writing some amazing sentences.


Maths has been tough this week. We started using column addition to add two big numbers together. The children have had to learn the correct layout of the columns, the method and then adding the numbers. It has been hard but they've worked so hard at it and we've nearly all cracked it!


In Topic this week, Year 3 looked at Quentin Blake. We discovered that he was the original illustrator for the novel Matilda. The children looked at his work in lots of Roal Dahl books to see what his style of art was. We then re created some of our own characters from Matilda in a Quentin Blake style. 


After planting our seeds in Science last week, the children have been checking them every day to see if any changes have happened. The children drew their observations in their books and wrote a conclusion. Many of their predictions were correct. 


Next week will be another busy week but we are looking forward to it!


See you on Monday!