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Week 11th March 2019

This week was Science Week at Chiseldon! It's been a very busy week with lots going on!


Throughout the week in Year 3, we carried out two different scientific investigations. The first was based on static electricity. We linked this to Matilda and tried to give ourselves magic powers like Matilda. We used balloons to make newts fly!


Our second investigation was based on our current topic of light and we looked at shadows. We researched a range of materials to see which made the best shadow. 


In Maths, we have continued with time this week but have moved onto digital time. The children have been working really hard to learn all about the 12 hour and 24 hour digital clock. It will be extremely beneficial for you to work with your children at home on time. Looking at different types of clock and asking the children, "What time is it now? What are we doing at that time?"


Have a lovely weekend!


Miss Milroy