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w.b 31.01.22

Unicorns worked really hard this week, completing a diary about their weekend.  They drew pictures to help, recorded their ideas on the Ipads, then wrote their diary entries.  These are displayed in class so everyone can see how BRILLIANT we are at writing!  Keep up the good work Unicorns, it's not easy, but if you try, try, try, you can, can, can!

We were fortunate enough to join with 60 other settings to share an interactive story telling from Cassandra Wye supported by Dorset Libraries, all about Take a Walk Little Bear.  The children really enjoyed it as you can see from the photos.

In Jigsaw, we took a Flight to the Future and considered what we would want to be doing when we turned 25.  The children had lots of aspirations, from judges, to paleontologists, to artists, police officers, teachers and builders.  We talked about what learning we need to do now so that we could achieve our goals and agreed that reading, writing and learning our numbers would be really important.

We started to grow cress seeds this week, thinking about what a seed needs to grow.  We have some seeds without light, some without warmth and some without water.  We'll watch and see what happens and if our predictions were correct.