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w/b 31/01/22

This week we have been busy learning about LS Lowry in Art and using some of his lithographs to create our own pencil drawings of his water scenes.  These looked amazing, some even made it on to our classroom display.


We have finally finished out Fractions, decimals and percentages unit in Maths and I am really pleased with how hard we worked and the understanding we seem to have.  Maybe test us and ask us some questions! What is 4/10 as a percentage? What is 50% as a fraction etc.


For RSHE this week we thought about what jobs there are out there and had a look at the average wage linked to these, footballer was easy to spot at approx £3,000,00 a year.  The rest were a little tricky, we did realie however that maybe social impact does not necessarily link to wage!

Making bread in Science

Recipe for bread