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w.b 31.01.22

This week in Pegasus we have continued with Number Blocks. This has helped us all with our counting up to 20! Alongside this we have been looking at some art work, one of which is called 'The House with the Yellow Door.' We have had the chance to use our imaginations and create something that lives behind our own yellow doors! We had all sorts of things from ghosts, monsters, a doctor and even a T-Rex! The children practised their fine motor skills when drawing and some even writing about what was behind their doors. 


We have been learning about our shapes this week and introduced hexagon. The children enjoy hunting for objects that are certain shapes and drawing around the shapes and counting their sides. 


We have been doing lots of circle times around kindness and how we treat one another. Children said kind words to each other and showed kind hands during these activities.  As part of Jigsaw we went on a Flight to the Future, the children said what they'd like to be when they grow up which was a great experience, going from firefighters to astronauts, to being a gardener and being mummy's or daddy's. 

We were fortunate enough to join with 60 other settings to share an interactive story telling from Cassandra Wye supported by Dorset Libraries, all about Take a Walk Little Bear.  The children really enjoyed it as you can see from the photos.

Pegasus made lots of noise celebrating Norwuz and enjoyed playing the instruments all around the school.