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w/b 27/09/21

This week began with our European Day of Languages.  We learnt about Greece, where it is, its flag, the countries that border it etc.  Then we learnt a little Greek - loving the kahleeMerahs (Good morning in greek) I've beeen hearing every day since then! After break was a look at the Greek Gods where we created our own 'modern day' gods.  Finally, in the afternoon, we learnt some greek dancing - Zorba's Dance and tried some greek food - I was very surprised how many enjoyed the olives!


We have nearly finished out Morris Lessmore sentence stacking in English now and so will be ready to plan our own next week. 


Maths has been rounding, and lots of us have a really clear understanding of rounding to the nearest 1,000 looking at numbers all the way up to 100,000.


Our Art work is nearly comleted and we have spent the week creating our own translation tessellations ready to share in our Art Gallery.  These look amazing and I am very impressed with the effort and creativity I have seen this week.


Finally, Esther, Oscar and Zach are still on full marks for every spelling test this term, which is a tremendous achievement.  Olivia and Poppy were my stars of the week, Olivia for her effort with Zorba's dance and general participation throughout European Day of Languages and Poppy for her effort and perserverance with our rounding lessons in maths - well done both of you.

European Day of Languages - Greek