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w.b 24.01.22

We marked Holocaust Memorial Day by thinking about how we are different and special.  We showed on pictograms our favourite pizza toppings, colours, animals and numbers and agreed, It's OK to be different and special.  We enjoyed drawing detailed pictures of our friends and noticing that some things are the same and some are different and agreed, It's OK to be different and special.  We talked about our favourite things to do at school and had some success taking photos using the IPads.  We noticed that some people liked the same things and some people liked different things and we agreed, It's OK to be different and special.

Impressive skills were shown during PE, all the previous weeks' work building up to now.  Throwing and catching a small ball, while walking around and avoiding other people.  Keep up the good work Unicorns, England Cricket team need you!

We have borrowed some amazing art work from Swindon Museum and Art Gallery all linked to Homes.  We put on our artists' glasses and really looked at the pictures, trying to imagine who or what might live there. Ideas ranged from penguins, a man who makes pottery, a farmer with their cow, a big, black dog...Have a look and see what you think.