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w.b 24.01.22

Another busy week in Nursery, enjoying our role play area linked to Homes with some artwork borrowed from Swindon Museum and Art Gallery.  Some items were there from many years ago showing how clothes were washed before electricity, how toilets were sometimes outside in a hut and how food was cooked on a range.  Please talk to the children about how things have changed since you were their age, they find it fascinating!


Our story this week was "Baby Brains" and we enjoyed talking about what we can do now that we couldn't do when we were babies - isn't amazing how quickly things change.  We also marked HMD by thinking about how we are different and special and that's OK.


We have been learning about Nowruz, the Persian New Year, thinking about what things would go on the celebration table called the Haft Seen table, with a goldfish in a bowl for good luck, apples for health and beauty, gold coins and painted eggs.


The children have been introduced to the Numberblocks characters.  They have taken part in a colouring activity to help them understand how and why they represent different colours and numbers.