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w/b 20/09/21

This week we have started rounding in Maths, rounding numbers to the nearest 10, 100 and 1,000, this includes numbers upto 6 digits so has been very tricky.


English has been continung with our narrative sentence stacking and then on Thursday we had another Mystery Box, this week's was a Poetry Book, which had us looking ahead to National Poetry Week.  Linked to this we have all chosen a poem to learn and perform in front of the class.  All out poems had a theme of 'Choice'.  We will pick out two favourite perfomances and they will then compete in the whole school poetry slam on Friday 8th October.


Continuing with our Escher topic, we have started learning about tessellations as we prepare to create our own stencils and pictures using translation.


My stars this week were Ava Timlin Allen for her effective repetition in our sentence stacking as she was on fire on Tuesday and Daniel Callan for his well presented Owl Butterly life cycle poster.  Well done both of you.


I am hoping we get back to having nearly full attendance this week as their have been lots of you off - I hope you are all feeling better and we can win that attendance cup!