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w.b 17.01.22

I'm just wiping the last bit of gooey, dreamy, chocolate chocolately cake from my lips!  It has been sat in class, tempting all of us, especially when we enjoyed Michael Rosen performing his poem, Chocolate Cake.  We listened to the instructions to make a "Chocolate Mug Cake" and made some instructions for washing our hands.  With Dictionary Dog's help, we thought of some super words for mixing the ingredients together - blend, whisk, stir, combine.  It would be amazing if you could follow the instructions at home to make a "Chocolate Mug Cake" (other recipes are available) and let us know how you get on - photos would be great!

Along with the rest of the school, we have been investigating fractions with the help of pictures and shapes.  Unicorns have excelled at this and shown their clear understanding of halves.  I would trust them to cut a pizza in halves equally.  Practise at home and allow them to show their learning, making sure both halves are the same/equal.