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w/b 17/01/22

We have worked so hard this week! We've completed some more of our sentence stacking, looking at some of David Attenborough's mind blowing moments, well done to all of you that got their sentences on the wall.


Math's this week was Fractions and I know that some of us found it a little tricky at the start but well done for persevering, it's so nice to hear when you are proud of yourselves.  We can now find equivalent fractions of denominators that are multiples and have started looking at the link between decimal numbers and fractions using tenths and hundredths.  


In Science we looked at separating materials and will complete our experiment next week.  In RE we learnt how Sikhs treat their 'special book' with respect and looked at the story of The Milk and the Jasmine Flower and in German we have built on our German clothing knowledge.


We are loving having Harry Potter and the Philosophers Stone as both our Book Talk book and also our end of the day story book, and this has led to some thoughtful insights into characters and has meant we have also learnt to 'paraphrase' as well.