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w/b 16/05/22

STEM Silverstone experience

What another busy week we have had in Year Five!  This week we have designed and made our own Mayan mask, either for a celebration/battle or death. These are now on display and look amazing!  For topic we also had a look at the Mayan numbers which worked on a Base 20 number system - this was quite tricky, although we have mastered numbers up to 20!


In English we are coming to the end of our sentence stacking, I have been blown away with some of the sentence work they have produced and I am really looking forward to giving them the opportunity to plan and write their own next week.


Our new Maths unit is all about angles, we recapped the previous learning of right angles, obtuse angles and acute angles and added in reflex angles.  We also discussed what properties each angle had to help us with our estimation and measuring using a compass next week.