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w.b 15.11.21

As part of anti-bullying week, we talked about how we can use kind words and kind hands - be a buddy not a bully.  Hopefully you saw our message on Facebook.

We were able to show our skills in crossing the road; looking, listening and thinking all the way.  Please always cross the road with an adult and hold their hand, showing them what you have remembered.

Unicorns were smitten with Mortimer as he was so chilled about being with us.  His "mum," Vivian, told us about how he helps her get around, including going on the bus and train.  He is 10 years old and looking to retire next year.  Vivian encouraged the children to ask before approaching Mortimer, who enjoyed all the attention, one at a time.

We had a wonderful visit from PCSO Justine and PC Becky, helping us to understand their job, the equipment they use and how to contact the police - 999 and 101.  I can see some potential police officers in Unicorns, patrolling our streets in fifteen years or so!