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w.b 14.03.22

So much has happened this week; Science week, delivery of the eggs, St Patrick's day, Comic Relief day and Holi.  It was wonderful to have celebration assembly together and the children have enjoyed lunchtimes on the trim trail with others.  Thank you for your vigilance and support.

We completed our sentence stacking about If Sharks Disappeared, suggesting ways that we can look after the environment, including recycling, putting rubbish in the bin, turning off lights and devices if we're not using them.  We continued with money and the children are so proud that they can remember the coins used in the UK.

For Science week, we spent time outside under the trees, thinking and watching to see what would make a home in a tree.  Lots of suggestions including bats, owls, squirrels, ladybirds, ants.  Some of the seeds we planted are doing well, so much so, they might be coming home next week to be re potted.  Our chicks are having a weekend sleep over with Miss Davidson.  We look forward to seeing them on Tuesday as Miss Davidson wants to share them with Year Two on Monday.

Don't forget to visit the virtual book fair, available until Sunday.


A tree is home to...

Celebrating Holi

Have a wonderful weekend, hopefully with some much needed sunshine.