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w.b 14.02.22 Homework

Please encourage the children to share their books every day.  The children should be starting to read decodable words independently, but they will need help with words like "the."  Please sign the reading record or visit to confirm what has been read. 


Reading books should be returned for changing on Mondays and Thursdays.

Library books on Mondays please.

Write a sentence using these spellings:

to, come, some, all, was, are, for, of, the, I, is, a

For example, "Come to see a frog."  "I get some mud."  "The dog was in the pond." "Some bats go for a dip." "All of the gifts are red."

With Maths Whizz this week, spend some time ordering numbers to 20, find the missing number, addition and subtraction up to 10, counting in 2s, noticing numbers in the environment.