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w/b 13.9.21

We had great fun this week preparing for and holding our debate in English. We split ourselves into teams of 'for' and 'against', with and audience and speaker too. We all had to listen carefully to the opposing side's view so that we could counter argue it. The motion for the debate was: Screen use is beneficial to children in today's society. This will help us write our balanced argument over the next few weeks. 


Maths saw us consolidate our understanding of rounding - it was tricky as in Year 6 we have to round any number to a required degree of accuracy - all the way up to 10,000,000! 


In science, we used a range of resources to decide whether light travels in straight lines. After our investigations, we came to the conclusion that it does but we will continue to prove this throughout the term. 


We are slowly getting there with our artwork in the style of Banksy - we have come up with some great ideas and powerful messages - next, we will have a go at stenciling.