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w.b 13.09.21 Homework

w.b 13.09.21


This week's homework is starting to learn sight words.  Make cards with the words on and put them around the house, up the stairs, on the fridge.  You will be surprised how quickly the children pick them up!


5 benefits of learning sight words.

    • Confidence. The ability to recall sight words instantly has a huge positive impact on children’s confidence in the classroom. The most widely-used set of sight words includes 50-75% of all words used in children’s books, newspapers, and magazines. Once children know those, they’ll be able to pick up most texts confident in their ability to understand them.
    • Speed. Rapid recognition of sight words means kids don’t have to spend time decoding and/or breaking down unknown words into bite-sized chunks.
    • Enjoyment. Reading should be fun! Sight word instruction enables children to read books independently and helps them see that reading is something to enjoy rather than endure.
    • Progression. Solid knowledge of sight words allows children to focus on increasing their vocabulary so they can understand the remaining 25-50% of words not covered by sight word lists. Sight words lay the foundation for further learning.
    • Self-esteem. The feeling of accomplishment that comes with being able to read independently can have a huge positive impact on children's self-esteem and emotional well-being.