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w.b 10.01.22

You might notice the children singing our days of the week and months of the year songs.  This has been a great way to remember the order.  Please talk to the children about their date of birth so that they can put their thumbs up for their month during the song.  We have been learning to tell the time using an analogue clock and can now say the o'clock times.

We started our spelling tests today and it was impressive to see how many children were able to write their words.  Thank you for supporting your child learning these words - a few minutes every day has such a good impact.  Keep up the good work!

This week in Unicorns we have been learning all about Chinese New Year.  The children looked at how it is celebrated and the story behind it.  Ask the children if they can remember the order of the animals in the race.  They were very excited to find out that it will be the year of the Tiger, so we set up an activity to paint some of their very own.  We also changed the role play area so that is was Chinese New Year themed.  We have Chinese lanterns, fans, flags, scrolls, plates and Chinese writing.  We shared "The Magic Paintbrush" story and came up with ideas of what we would paint - from butterflies to triceratops!  Using Lego, we designed traps for the Chinese dragon, thinking of lots of bait that could be used - meat, music, gold coins, another dragon.

We said a fond farewell to Miss Swift who is off on a new adventure in health care.  We wish her the best of luck and thank her for all she has done for Chiseldon Primary and Nursery.  We will keep in touch and she thanks everyone for their kind words, cards and gifts.