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w/b 10/01/22

What a lovely week we've had.  This week we've looked at the journey of a river in Geography and we drew and labelled this.  In science we learnt the language of solvent, solute and solution and carried out a variety of experiments on jelly cubes.  Some of us predicted they wouldn't dissolve at the start.


In English we have studied the life of David Attenborough so we can write an autobiography as if we are him.  And in Maths we have completed some brilliant area work ready to move onto Fractions his week. German was learning the German words for clothes and labelling them and in RE we had a look at books that were special to us and thought about why they were special and how we might treat them differently to other books.


Well done for all of you that have been logging your reads on the new GoRead app - keep it up!