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w.b 08.11.21

This week in Pegasus we have been creating "I am Special" posters.  These show what makes us special and unique.  The children have been practising their cutting skills when cutting out pictures of toys and food that they have and enjoy.  These are displayed on our "All About Us" display, along with the family photos that you have sent in.  If you have not yet sent in a photo of your child doing something they enjoy or a family photo, please could you either email one or print one for us to display .   The children can share with their friends things that they enjoy and what they like to do.

As well as practising name writing each morning, we have also been learning our numbers 1-10 and how to put them in order.

All the children paid their respects on Thursday, including Pegasus, by participating in the two minute silence to mark Remembrance Day.  We have also been making poppies using red and black tissue paper and talking about why we wear them.  The children shared good understanding by telling us that we wear them to say thank you to the soldiers who protected us.

Enjoy the weekend, avoiding the rain showers!