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w.b 08.11.21

Unicorns, you make me so proud and I am impressed with your maturity and learning this week.  We enjoyed the story "Pigs Might Fly," the next adventure of the three little pigs.  This led us to investigate flying and gravity, by making rotating paper helicopters, designing our own air craft, thinking about past and present vehicles plus finding out about pilots, Amy Johnson, Amelia Earhart and World War planes.  Our first dictation in Sounds Write was a real success, the sentence was "I am in a hat."  

All the children paid their respects on Thursday, including Unicorns, by participating in the two minute silence to mark Remembrance Day.  We made poppies using tissue paper and talked about why we wear them.  Our doves help us to think about peace and no more fighting.

Enjoy the weekend, avoiding the rain showers!