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w.b 07.03.22

I am so impressed by the way Unicorns have learnt about the coins we use in the UK.  We have identified the eight coins and ordered them from lowest value to highest.  Next week we will start to add the coins together to make totals.


We have started sentence stacking with our non-fiction book If Sharks Disappeared.  Dictionary Dog has been suggesting great words and the children have complemented those with their own.


To link with our month's value, kindness, we read the story "Have you filled a bucket today?"  We discussed different actions that would make us bucket fillers rather than bucket dippers.


Thanks to Mr Baden for setting up our laptops and supporting the children using a mouse and the keyboard.  The children coped really well and are looking forward to the next time the laptops come out.


Have a wonderful weekend, can you believe we have only done two weeks of this term?!