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w.b 03.01.22 Homework

Please encourage the children to share their books every day.  The children should be starting to read decodable words independently, but they will need help with words like "the."  Please sign and date the reading record, returning the book and reading record on Mondays and Thursdays to be changed. 


For number bonds, please have a go at writing addition number sentences with the answer being 10. See the example below.  Use pasta, cubes, Lego to support adding to 10. 

Phonics this week is to recap the sounds we have learnt from last term.  Use different CVC words to build the children's confidence in remembering, for example, how many of these words can they say the sounds and build the word?  Please ensure the children are writing these down, not just verbally spelling the words.

Eight new spellings will be given out on Fridays for a test the following Friday.  This will be new to the children and to support them, we will learn them at school too as part of our morning task.  These are the words we looked at in the first term for reading, now we need to be able to write them down, put them in a sentence, remember them.