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Term 6

06/06/2022 Week 1 

Welcome back year two! I can't believe we are in the final term, it's gone so quickly! 


This term we are looking at Globe Trotters and will be exploring different countries, their languages, culture and cities. 

This week we have been celebrating the Queens jubilee, we have learnt a celebration song, created celebratory pebbles and sculptures made out of shoes! We have all had had a great week! In phonics they have been learning the m sound and it's corresponding spellings. 

The spellings this week are: Autumn, Summit, Tomb, Grimy, Criminal, Condemn, Common, Column, Summer and Lamb. 

13/06/22 Week two


Well done year two on your class assembly this week - you were amazing! 


This week as well as learning our Globe Trotters assembly we have been learning all about our country and what it means to be British. We have learnt all about what makes up the UK, the capital cities and the languages that we speak within the UK. 

In Maths we have been doing addition and subtraction - everyone in year 2 has really impressed me with this! In English we have been sentence stacking, learning all about an Irish Myth "song of the sea". 

In phonics we have been learning the or sound and it's corresponding spellings. This week their spellings are: boar, board, bought, brought, caught, daughter, ignore, nought, thought and snore.  

W/C 23.06.22 Week 3


This week the children have been learning all about Australia! We have been exploring the land down under, what landmarks there are, what animals inhabit Australia, why people travel there and what Aboriginal art work is. We have all had a go at making our own Aboriginal art work too. 


In English we have continued our sentence stacking, exploring more about our Irish myth. We have explored what a Selkie is and what makes them a myth. In Maths we have continued our multiplication arrays enhancing our understanding of our 2, 5 and 10 times tables. The children have all worked really hard on this! 


In Phonics we have been learning the h sound and it's corresponding spellings, the spellings this week are: who, whole, whose, whomever, hump, behave, hospital, unhook, have and house. 

Australian Aboriginal art work.