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Term 5-Week beginning 23.04.19

Welcome to the first week of term 5!!!! We have had a short one this week but we have crammed in lots of learning opportunities. We have been focused on mark making and attempting to write our name and we are making fantastic progress in this!!! Ask us now we hold our pens? 


We have checked in on our butterflies, they emerged from their chrysalis over the half term so we got to see the chrysalis shells and the full butterfly. We were fascinated by this and got to have a good look at them. 


We ordered ourselves by height and found out that James is the tallest and Oliver is the shortest at the moment- we worked well to measure against one another and find out the answer!


We have also started taking part in the whole school mile run- we go out before the rest of the school and we only do one lap of the playground as that is enough for our little legs. We listened well to the instructions and noticed how puffed out we were after!! 


Great learning this week team!!