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Term 2

W/C 1/11/21 


Welcome back year 2! Hope you had a lovely break and are ready for a fun term. 


This week we have been learning about Neil Armstrong, looking at why he was famous and the key dates in his life. The children have really enjoyed looking at his life leading up to his journey into space. 

In science this week we were looking at materials and their properties. The children were able to handle the materials exploring their properties and then accurately sorting them into categories. 


In Maths this week we have been looking at what a tally is, creating a tally and then creating a tally graph. This has then progressed onto reading tally graphs and interpreting data. The children have worked really hard this week - well done! 

In English we have continued our sentence stacking looking at negative adverbs, adjectives and suffixes. They have all come up with some fantastic sentences, well done year 2! 


This weeks spellings are: house, cloud, double, out, town, cow, howl, pound, how and ground. 


W/C 8/11/21 


This week year 2 have all worked really hard, well done year 2! 


In Maths this week we have continued learning all about tallies and graphing our data. The children have made pictograms and block diagrams - they have all worked really hard, making sure that they are drawing straight lines and plotting their data correctly. 


In English we have continued our sentence stacking exploring rhyme for effect. We also looked at poetry on Thursday, creating our own poem based on home. This was linked to our learning on the war and why we remember the 11th November. They all worked really hard and created some super poetry! 


In topic we have continued our learning into Neil Armstrong and his race to space! We explored how before Neil Armstrong a dog and a monkey was sent into space, we then discussed why they would have done this. 


Our spellings this week are: horse, listen, cellar, mouse, chestnut, Christmas, cats, scene, kiss and cancel. 


Can I please remind parents that P.E is on Tuesday and every child needs to bring their PE kits. 


Well done again year 2  - Keep up the amazing work! 


W/C 15.11.21 


Year 2 have worked really hard this week, exploring all of the different ways we can stop bullying in and out of school.

As it has been anti-bullying week, the children learnt about the four different types of bullying, who to talk to if they were worried or concerned about being bullied and why we do not bullying and the consequences for it. 


In English this week the children have all written fantastic independent writes on odd socks, this was linked to differences and anti-bullying week. They have all written beautiful Mystery boxes and should be very proud of themselves. In Maths we have been exploring length and have been practically measuring objects in cm and m. 


Our spellings this week are: prams, caps, eggs, bricks, trucks, shoes, cliffs, caves, papers and trees. 


W/C 22/11/21


We have all worked very hard this week, writing an independent story and challenging ourselves to use a range of punctuation! 

We have been practicing hard for our Christmas production and are all very excited for you to see it. 

In Maths we have been recapping and consolidating our understanding on Tens and Ones and the different ways numbers can be represented. 


Our spellings this week are: Little, Model, Milk, collect, wrinkle, pupil, metal, double, pencil and lunch. 


W/C 29.11.21 


Well done year 2 you are all working so hard in the lead up to Christmas, well done! I am so proud of all the work and effort you have been putting in. 


This week we have spent a lot of time rehearsing our Christmas production, we are all getting very good and excited for next weeks performance. 


In English we are learning all about recounts and have been exploring the outside to help us with our adjectives. We have designed bug houses and have been thinking of the best ways to describe them. 

In Maths we have started times tables and division. We are all working super hard using our knowledge of jumping in 2, 5 and 10 to help us. 


Our spellings this week are: August, dwarf, autumn, hawk, thwart, swarm, stalk, always, born and all. 


W/C 6.12.21 


We have been so busy this week! 


In year 2 we have enjoyed performing our production, we hope you liked it? 


We also have been planning a science and D.T project too, we are planning to create a parachute, like Neil Armstrong's when he landed back on Earth.  So this week we have been planning and creating a hypothesis on how we think it will go. Year 2 have decided that we will test out our project with an egg called Neil Armstrong. We have some very ambitious designs! 


In English we have been sentence stacking, creating a recount based on our experience day in the woods building bug houses. We had lots of fun! 

In Maths we have been concentrating on division and have been blowing Miss Davidson's socks off with the effort they have all been putting in! 


On Thursday we had a very Christmassy day and had a lot of fun in our Christmas Jumpers, everyone looked super! 


Our spellings this week are: Nightmare, glared, share, bare, air, scared, prayer, mayor, upstairs and chair. 


Our learning


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