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Priority 1: Enhance our highly effective curriculum that imparts knowledge and skills, which allows all learners, including those with SEN, to progress to the next stage of their journey

Evaluate assessment and make sure it is meaningful, so that it builds pupil's retention of knowledge and skills
  • Make sure that formative assessment is used daily, in each lesson, to aid teacher's planning
  • Make sure summative assessment is used termly to aid teacher judgement Dec, April, July
  • Look at each subject area for what we want out pupils to know, remember & understand.
To enrich the curriculum offer in arts education providing all pupils with cultural understanding 
  • Raising standards in the teaching of the arts, ensuring all pupils learn from cultural opportunities
  • Continue to arrange visits to key places during each term to enhance learning
  • Continue whole class music tuition from Y1 - Y6, including EoY concert.
Develop teachers’ knowledge and understanding of Mathematical pedagogy, so that pupils achieve above their own expectations
  • Staff CPD ways of developing mathematical understanding
  • Subject knowledge audit on all staff to assess understanding of curriculum
  • Use a range of resources to develop teacher's skills, eg, White Rose.
To enhance mathematics further to make sure more pupils achieve the higher standard.
  • Staff to have a clear idea around prior high attaining pupils - clear challenge 
  • PPM to have a clear focus on HAPs to hold teacher's to account
  • STEM Team to have a more detailed AP to move Mathematics on further, including the use of assessment
Implement the new PSHE statutory changes.
  • All staff to read statutory framework for PSHE
  • Humanities group to write policy/update
  • Humanities group to write new curriculum based around framework
  • Policy & curriculum to be presented to staff & governors
  • Monitor the implementation of the framework