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Priority 1: Develop teaching & learning through excellent professional development, in order for high-quality, enriched curriculum for all pupils, including those with SEND, ensuring they have exceptional standards across the school

Evaluate assessment and make sure it is meaningful, so that it builds pupil's retention of knowledge and skills
  • Make sure that formative assessment is used daily, in each lesson, to aid teacher's planning
  • Make sure summative assessment is used termly to aid teacher judgement Dec, April, July
  • Look at each subject area for what we want out pupils to know, remember & understand.
To enrich the curriculum offer in arts education providing all pupils with cultural capital understanding 
  • Implement cultural capital experiences for all pupils
  • Continue to arrange visits to key places during each term to enhance learning
  • Continue whole class music tuition from Y1 - Y6, including EoY concert.
Develop teachers’ knowledge and understanding of Mathematical pedagogy, so that pupils achieve above their own expectations
  • Staff CPD ways of developing mathematical understanding
  • Subject knowledge audit on all staff to assess understanding of curriculum
  • Use a range of resources to develop teacher's skills, eg, White Rose.
Teachers have good knowledge of the subject(s) and courses they teach.  Leaders provide effective support for those teaching outside their main areas of expertise.
  • All class teachers to sign up to Chartered College of teachers
  • Teachers to access The Key CPD centre and track professional development that they have undertaken, giving feedback during staff meetings
  • Selected staff on a weekly basis share an article around pedagogy and how this has had an impact on their teaching/classroom
  • Implement and train staff in the 'No More Marking' initiative, aiding staff with clear understanding of assessment and moderation.
Implement the new PSHE statutory changes.
  • All staff to read statutory framework for PSHE
  • Write policy
  • Implement Jigsaw to cover all aspects of the statutory changes
  • Policy and Curriculum to be presented to staff and governors
  • Monitor the implementation of the framework
To develop teaching and learning of pupils with SEN so that high quality, differentiated teaching is consistently applied across the school.
  • Staff CPD on how to differentiate work effectively
  • Staff CPD looking at the graduated response, pre-teaching to support those with SEND.
  • Monitor teaching and learning, closely looking at differentiation and how this supports those with SEND
  • Lead the Inclusion Team to support staff in differentiation and meeting the needs of all those with SEND.
Pupils' work across the curriculum is of good quality.
  • Set criteria of what 'good' quality work looks like in each phase, EYFS, KS1, LKS2, UKS2, and share this with staff.
  • Assembly to all pupils talking about pride in our work and what 'good' quality is and being proud of work
  • Publish work on website, where 'good' work is shared and praised and pupils feel proud to have work displayed.
  • Staff to have high expectations of what is expected of pupils and what 'published, good' work looks like.
The sharp focus on ensuring that younger children gain phonics knowledge and language comprehension necessary to read, and the skills to communicate, gives them the foundations for future learning.
  • CPD for staff on phonics and how this is delivered in this school, not using other resources that are outside Sounds Write.
  • Improve S&L part of the English curriculum to support children gaining phonic knowledge & comprehension skills.
The work given to pupils is demanding and matches the aims of the curriculum in being coherently planned and sequenced towards cumulatively sufficient Knowledge.
  • Build on staff CPD around differentiation with CPD on unleashing excellent teaching
  • Staff CPD on skilful questioning
  • During 1:1 meetings staff identify areas they are going to trial in classroom and feedback to SA during meetings - fortnightly.
Teachers create an environment that focuses on pupils
  • Clear criteria set for school expectations of an environment that focuses on pupils
  • Share criteria with staff and help with misconceptions around quality environments, that are clutter free
  • Monitor the implementation of the criteria, holding teachers to account for their environments.