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World Maths Day & More...

Good afternoon,


The weeks seem to be flying past.  I hope you have all enjoyed the short week and are looking forward to the weekend, although the weather is not looking great.

This week, saw all the children take part in World Maths Day and Mrs Knott was busy organising the entire day.  It started with a great assembly and then every class looked at fractions.  Each class is designing a display in the school hall and once these are completed, I will post them so that you are able to see what wonderful work the children have done.

As we move towards the next official roadmap, it looks like Boris is going to be remove the need to wear facemarks in school.  If this is the case, I will remove this requirement for parents walking through the school grounds.


Stars of the Week

Nursery Frankie & Aubree
Reception Molly & Charlie A
Year 1 Theo & Charlie S
Year 2 Beatrice & Koby
Year 3 William & Sasha
Year 4 Finley & Daniel
Year 5 Fraser & Darcy
Year 6 Annabel & Julia 


Housepoint Winners:

Key Stage 1 Beatrice WT
Lower Key Stage 2 Sophie D & Sasha C
Upper Key Stage 2 Annabel RP


Well done to all our stars of the week and housepoint winners, you are doing an amazing job.


30 Reads

You will be pleased to know that as restriction ease for schools, we are able to do more.  I have explained to the children that from Monday 17th May, children will be able to start collecting their 30 reads.

I know that some have multiple reads but I have asked that they only collect one to begin with, so that I can get through all the children that have been waiting.  They will be able to collect all their reads eventually, just not in one go.


Have fun!


Mr A