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What a week!

What an amazing week!

The weather looks to end the week with some sunshine, which will put us all in good spirits moving in to the final week of term - get those BBQs out and relax in the sun!


Year 5 are off on their residential on Monday, wow, what a way to end the school year - caving, river gorging, and rock climbing in Wales...


Sports Hour happened for all our year groups and these can be found on the private Facebook page.  I know that it was very disappointing not having our usual multi events and some children limited to one race, but staff managed this event effectively so that all children thoroughly enjoyed the day.  I did manage to take a range of photographs during the day and was hoping to be able to include them in this week's blog.  However, today has proved to be rather busy and with new guidance for Primary schools for Monday, so I will endeavour to create a post early next week or over the weekend depending on the weather :)


Guidance for Primary Schools

The DfE have released new guidance that comes in to action on Monday.  However, I have taken the decision not to implement this for next week as I would rather try and get to the end of term without closing a hub or making any adjustments to our risk assessment.  


Therefore, limited numbers will be in for the Nursery graduation and Y6 leavers assembly.  The leavers show will go live on either Zoom, Teams, or Facebook - we will update you.  There will be no face-to-face meetings unless your child has SEN needs and a lateral flow test is carried out 30 minutes before.


I will of course read all the updates over the summer period and let parents know of any new arrangements for September but as things stand.  The small gate will open at 08:25 and parents will be able to bring their children into school as before the pandemic and Mr Hatcliffe and I will remain on the small gate.  You will no longer be required to use the carpark entrance - exciting times and hopefully this will not change before we come back.


I hope you have a great weekend in the sunshine - have fun


​​​​​​​Mr A


Stars of the Week

Nursery Zayn & Colby
Reception Tristan & Bella M
Year 1 Alfie & Phoebe
Year 2 Harley & Blake
Year 3 Samuel & Ted
Year 4 Ava & Rihanna
Year 5 Esha & Charlie J
Year 6 Mabelle & Julia


Housepoint Winners

EYFS Sophie 
Key Stage 1 Mollie C
Lower Key Stage 2 Oscar N
Upper Key Stage 2 Esha