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Welcome to my weekly blog

Things are forever changing whilst we live through this pandemic and my only concern at this moment in time is to make sure that your children receive the best education we can offer whilst keeping them as safe as we possibly can - we continue to make sure that we follow all advice from the DfE in relation to trips, visits, face to face meetings and hubs.  As the Prime Minister has delayed further relaxation of the rules, our roadmap is now out of date.  We are not moving to Sage 3 until 19th July 2021, when hopefully the new measures will be released - for us at school, that is likely to be September.


We All Sang Together

If you have not had a chance to look at the video, please head to our Facebook page, where you will see all our children joining in with the theme of 'we all sang together' with other Wiltshire schools around lockdown.  The children were brilliant.


Talented Pupil

A wonderful well done to Logan C in Year 3 who has been on trial for Reading Football Club for the past 3 weeks and has done so well, that the club have now signed him to play for their under 9's - what an amazing talent - one day you could play for Liverpool 🤩 (he did say Manchester United but I thought Liverpool 😂) A superstar in the making ⚽️



Thank you so much for your support with the residentials this year.  It surely has been a tough few years for our children and I am so pleased the 'Call of the Wild' and PGL are offering our pupils the very best and staying within the recommendations and restrictions to protect our pupils whilst we are there - we are very grateful that they are helping provide valuable experiences for us all. 


Sports Day

As much as I would love to have you all back in school, cheering from the sidelines and having as much fun as we do on a yearly basis - this is not going to be the case this year.

The DfE states;

'Sports days can go ahead.  In line with the rest of the system of controls, pupils must remain in their bubbles, and early years children should remain in their consistent groups as is usual for your setting.  Sports equipment should be cleaned regularly throughout the event.  Spectators must adhere to current social distancing requirements.  Where events take place outdoors, spectators can gather in separate groups of up to 30.'

For us here at school that would mean that we would need either 4 sports days and we would bust on spectators or 7 sports days with 1 adult from each household being allowed to come to be a spectator.  Plus we would need to make sure that we are cleaning all of the equipment in between each of the sessions, which would not be feasible.  Therefore, I am sorry to say that we will not be holding a sports day for parents to come and support this year.


Each hub will hold sports events and we will go live on Facebook for parents to watch and support from a distance - I know that this may be a disappointment but this is the best I can offer this year.


Leavers Events

We will be hosting the following leavers events: the Y6 BBQ & Disco (although no dancing; but it will be fun); Leavers Assembly - this will run like last year - it will be outdoors, chairs in pairs and at least 2m apart, adults will need to wear a mask to enter the building and we would ask adults to carry out a lateral flow test 30 minutes before the assembly starts.  Y6 End of Year Show - although Y6 are preparing a production, this will be a live event.  We are not able to hold indoors events as the hall is not big enough and as there are 27 children in the class, only 1 parent would be able to attend.  The production will be done in front of Y5 so that the children have an audience and we will go live for parents to watch.  Again, I am so sorry that I cannot have you in school as this is the last year for so many of you, where I have been the head for all of your children.  It is such a shame that we have to end a great parent/school relationship under such strict measures but at least we will have the outdoor assembly.


As ever, I am at the end of the phone 01793 740349 or email if you have any concerns or need some reassurance around the measures that are in place.


I hope you have a lovely weekend.


Mr A 


Stars of the Week

Nursery Chloe Mae & Grace
Reception Sophie KP & Jack T
Year 1 Rumaisa & Theo
Year 2 George T & Thomas C
Year 3 Sidney M & Sophie D
Year 4 Thor & Steven
Year 5 Reuben & Dylan D
Year 6 Layla-Grace & Alex


Housepoint Winners

EYFS Freddie C, Grace, Lilly Mae, & Sophie KP
Key Stage 1 Oscar S
Lower Key Stage 2 Jack T
Upper Key Stage 2 Alex & Imogen