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Remote Learning Plan

I thought I would start and continue the HT blog as way of keeping you up-to-date.  By linking the page to Twitter and Facebook, I hope that this helps and you do not feel so isolated with remote learning.


As you know, during the last lockdown, we introduced Teams as a way of keeping children's education going and helping them not fall too far behind but it was not compulsory.  This time is different.  Education and remote learning is compulsory.  


Remote education provided should be equivalent in length to the core teaching pupils would receive in school.  We have decided to do this via live teaching on Teams, followed by assignments that the children complete independently.


I completely understand parent's frustration around this whole new world that we have found ourselves living through and I am concerned that those who require extra support could potentially fall further behind.  If you are concerned, my I ask that you contact the SENCo on and we can see the support that we may be able to offer.