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Weekly Update

Week starting 18.12.17


What an exciting week. Santa came to visit us and handed out gifts. He was very kind and jolly, and he loved when we sang some of our favourite Christmas carols to him. In the midst of all the Christmas excitement we finished off all of our Christmas cards, and some of us even wrote our own name inside completely independently. We also finished off all of our messy foam paint counting snowmen.


Next term we will be encouraging the children to become more independent with things like toileting, dressing and feeding etc, and we would ask for your support in this. If your child is going to Reception next year, you may notice a slight increase in focus I am now putting on phonics/number learning through play and targeted carpet sessions. If you would like to help your children from home please look up "Jolly Phonics" - this system attributes an action to every letter and sound, making it easier for the children to learn them. There are demonstrational videos on youtube.


I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas and New Year. 

Week beginning 4.12.17


Thank you all so much for your support during The Foundation Stage Nativity. The costumes that you produced were so sweet and fitting. 


What at a beautiful performance. The children were so proud of everything that they have achieved during the last few weeks:

*learning tricky songs and actions 

*learning their lines and stage directions

*working as a team with the FS2 class

*practicing in the hall 

*intriducing musical instruments and focusing on beat work


Well done boys and girls - I am so proud of you!


We have also been exploring numbers 1-5 (26-33m) and numbers 1-10 (30-50m) in our number snow man factory. Children build and decorate a snow man and stick on as many buttons as they like. There challenge is then to count the buttons and match it to the correct numeral on the hats. This actuvy is not only fun and creative, but it promotes fine motor skills, one o one counting and number recognition. 


Week beginning 27.11.17

This week all children have been feeling very festive. We have been working hard to learn all of our songs and actions for the FS1 and FS2 Nativity.  So far we have learnt the following songs - please feel free to practice them at home. I am sure that your child will be more than happy to teach you the actions. 

*Little Donkey 

*On A Starry Night 

*Away In A Manger 

*Jingle Bells 

*We Wish You A Merry Christmas 


The children have worked so hard, as some of these songs are very tricky. We have also been rehearsing in the hall with the FS2 children which has been extremely exciting. 


Our other her activities this week included finishing off our Funky Fingers Christmas trees, which have a focus on colour, shape and prepositional language. 

Week beginning 20.11.17


This week we have been focusing on Funky Fingers - these super fun and creative activities help little hands to perfect their pen grip.  We have made funky fingers Gruffalo puppets, funky fingers Gruffalo Pom Poms and folded symmetrical Christmas Trees. 


In our carpet sessions we have been working hard counting to 5 and beyond, recognising numbers 1-3 and our first phase 2 letters and sounds. 


The he children are getting excited about our FS1 and FS2 nativity and we have been working hard to remember all of our songs and actions. Great job Nursery! 

Week beginning 13.11.17


This week we finished off our Gruffalo Colour Hunt activity. The children had to go on a leaf hunt and find an interesting leaf in each autumninal colour. This simple colour recognition and sorting activity allows the children to explore size, colour, changes in weather and changes in the season etc.


We also started making our Gruffalo hand puppets, where the children had to use shapes with purpose: designing their mask through shape recognition. The children were able to act out theGruffalo story using their puppets and they will go up on display next week. 


In in our carpet sessions this week we have really focused on red and green choices and have discussed the schools new bullying policy.

Week beginning 6.11.17


This week we talked about fireworks, and made our very own firework pictures using kitchen roll tubes and paint. This activity allowed for lots of mathematical language related to colour and size, as well as learning about some of the history behind Fireworks Night. They look so fantastic on our working wall display!!! 


We also thought a lot about people who help us, particularly the armed forces. We linked this with Rememberence week and we made some beautiful funky fingers poppies and apple print poppies too. Miss Perre, Miss Dance and some of the children also shared family photos, medals and uniforms of soldiers (past and present) in their family. We watched the CBeebies video entitled "Poppies" and discussed why we wear a poppy and why it is important to remember/thank soliders. 

Week starting 30.10.2017


Welcome back!


This week we have been settling back into school with lots of art. We have been working hard to create our new nursery rhymes display board. During our talk circle this week we decided what nursery rhymes we would focus on and made big art for each. 


In PE this week and during carpet sessions the children have been exposed to numbers 1-5 in and out of order. 


Next week I am hoping to start The Gruffalo and The Gruffalo's Child with the children, if they come in and are settled enough.

Week starting 9.10.2017


This week all of the children took part in an explorative activity called Foamy Fish. This simple activity involves exploring new textures, describing our senses, fine motor development and retelling the story of Bright Stanley. It's messy, but a lot of fun too. 


The boys and girls were also working hard on their pen and scissor grips. 


What a busy week.


Have a great half term, and we will see you in 2 weeks ready to start our Gruffalo topic.

Week starting 2.10.2017


This week the children finished off our beautiful Bright Stanley display art. The children really took their time when designing their fish, we're excited to experiment with different colours and textures and shared the resources well. 


There were plenty of outdoor activities this week too: parachute games to encourage gross motor skills and communication and language development, and leaf hunts to help us explore the topic of change. 

Week starting 25.9.2017


The children have loved taking part in poetry week. We looked a lots of different rhyming books and our favourite was "Giraffes Cant Dance". Inspired by this book we too wanted to explore our hidden talents and dance, just like Gerald. This year the theme of Poetry Week was freedom, and at Nursery we believe that the children should have the freedom to create, play and grow. Every child took part in creating this masterpiece - they used their hands and feet, and moved to their own painty beat. Thanks Gerald for helping us to have the courage to be ourselves and believe in our own abilities.

Weeks starting 11.8.2017 and 18.9.2017


The children are continuing to grow in confidence in their new surroundings. They are all starting to form some lovely friendships with eachother and are all trying to understand (and use) our

green choice system.


The children are now starting to understand the daily routines and are sitting well for carpet sessions and story times,

Week starting 4.9.2017


Welcome to Nursery! We have had such a wonderful settling in week. The children have been getting used to their new surroundings, friends and teachers in a relaxed first week back. The children have led the learning this week, so needless to say, it has been a messy one: with plenty of painting, sand play, water play and outdoor learning.


The children are currently learning the class rules and routines. In nursery we use a simple Red Choice and Green Choice behaviour system to encourage gentle hands and listening ears, sharing, tidying up, respecting eachother, following instructions and sitting nicely. 


The children have also been exposed to a number of counting/colour/and shape songs - which I am sure you will hear alot of over the next few weeks. (I am very sorry about that!)


Over the next few weeks the children will be closely introduced to a wealth of fun, creative and educational toys and focus activities. These will be introduced slowly and will be tailored to meet the age and needs of your child. 


If you have any questions - please do feel free to come in and chat with me.


Miss Dance