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Week Beginning 7.1.2019

This week the children were busy writing about their holiday news along with independently writing simple sentences during phonics.  The sentences we have been working on all begin with 'I am ...' we then used our phonic knowledge to sound out the rest of our sentence.  We also have been remembering to add a full stop to our sentences.


In maths we have begun looking at addition and adding 2 groups of items and numbers together.  The children have been introduced to the language associated with addition - add, bigger, equals, sum, and have been adding groups of each other together to begin to learn what it means to 'add'.


We had our first Forest Friday where we went into the wooded area within the school grounds.  We found lots of sticks, leaves, bugs and footprints.  The children loved being out exploring and had their snack and milk out there as they did not want to go back to the classroom.


Thank you for all the wellies.  If they could stay in school then this will mean we can go outside easier as the ground is quite muddy at the moment and wearing wellies means the children can be outside more than if wearing school shoes.