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Week Beginning 25.2.2019

Week 1


Our new topic this term is 'Growing' and to start off this new topic we began to read 'Jack and the beanstalk' during book talk.  The children were able to recognise that it was a traditional story and how they begin with 'Once upon a time'.  We explored the initial characters in the story, Jack, his Mother and the Cow who we have named 'Betty'.


Maths began with practical activities introducing the children to the language of height and measuring it.  We used ourselves as props to stand and put in height order.  We discussed how we knew which child was either the tallest or the shortest. The children enjoyed explaining their reasons behind their thinking a great skill to have not just in maths.


This term is great term for science and we began our first experiment this week, planting cress seeds.  We spoke about what seeds need to grow and how could look after them.  The children decided upon water, mud and love as the 3 most important factors to help seeds grow so watch this space!!!!!