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Week beginning 24.9.2018

This week the weather has been kind to us and we've enjoyed lots of outdoor learning. We even managed to fly some kites! In the classroom we have been discussing what materials we think would be best for building our own kites and why- lots of great ideas were shared. On Wednesday the whole school celebrated the European Day of Languages and in Unicorn class we learnt all about Sweden. We enjoyed a smorgasbord for snack and did some research into Sweden, we found out how long it would take to travel there, what the weather is like, what clothes we would need to wear to visit. We looked at the flag, the scenery and landscapes and the children were amazed to learn about the Ice hotel. We learnt how to say "Hello" "Good morning" and "Thank you" in Swedish, we also enjoyed a little bit of Abba! In guided reading we have been reading The little red hen. The children have been sorting story cards to retell the story and at the end of the week the children acted out the story, narrating themselves. They were fabulous! In maths we have continued with counting to 10 and beyond and have been looking at numerals. We played number memory and snap and we had great fun finding numbers hidden in the garden.
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