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Week beginning 22.4.2019

Week one


What a bust four day week we had in Unicorn Class!  The chickens moved into their new coop.  They will live in our garden with the children helping to care for them along with noticing the changes as they grow.  We will also hopefully have first dibs on their eggs!


Our new topic has been well received by the children with lots of enthusiasm and discussion going on. We did a topic mind map to begin with noting down any facts we already now along with any questions we would like answered during this topic.  The children asked some really interesting and thoughtful questions and I look forward to researching the answers with them.  


Just a reminder that P.E. is on a Thursday and that the children need a pair of shoes to change into every day for the mile run.  We are now collecting our mile times to try and improve on them and this is happening across the whole school not just in Unicorn class.


Also please could any hats and outer clothing such as jumpers and cardigans be named as the children are removing them in the warmer weather, not just in our class and if their name is not on it it makes it very hard to find its way back to the correct person.  Suncream can be applied before school and I am happy to help in topping it up at lunchtime if needed.  Again a named bottle in your childs' book bag would be great.


We have been adding one more and one less in maths along with looking at patterns and recording what we do at certain times during the day.  The children have been revisiting place value as some have forgotten their numbers after 10 so any help with this would be amazing.