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Week Beginning 19.11.2018

Week 3


We have been practicing our songs for our Nativity this week.  The children have added actions to help them remember and we have also been speaking about having fun whilst singing and that the grown ups who come to see us will be amazed by their performing.


In phonics we have been singing the Tricky Word Song for Phase 2 from Youtube.  Singing really helps children to not only remember words but also when they come to write the words they sing the song to themselves which leads to the whole class in song at times!  We also began to look at the sounds 'n' and 'm'.  These can often get mixed up with children and we have been looking at the shape our mouths make and how they differ with the sounds.


In maths we have continued to recognise our numbers to 20 in and out of sequence and also have been consolidating our matching numeral to quantity with lots of games and activities. 


In topic we have designed our own mode of transport and hopefully we will be building this next week or the week after depending on how much junk we can get from home.  So please if you have any recycling that is clean, boxes, yoghurt cartons, tubes etc please send in with your child as we will turn them onto our transport models.


Thank you for sending your child in with winter p.e. kit. Miss Hagley will take the children out if it is dry and so a warm kit is essential now it is getting colder.  Also we do run the mile every day and a pair of suitable running shoes need to be in school.