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Week 5 3rd - 7th October 2016

This week Year 2 have been learning about different kinds of poetry and understanding the different features that they have. The children have been using different adjectives to change the meaning of their poems and they have even began to introduce some similes into their poetry.

During the week the children were acting out scenes from the poem 'The Owl and the Pussycat' and we focused on the actions that the children could do to accompany the poem. They really enjoyed this activity and I can see some potential stars in the making!


In Maths we have been learning about measurement using centimetres and metres. The children have been using rulers to measure different objects and to find their length. We also looked at reading the scales of a ruler making sure they understand what the markers show.


The children all enjoyed their Ice Skating lesson this week and they have all made some excellent progress.


I hope that you all have a wonderful weekend and I will see you all on Monday.


Mr Grabianski