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Week 28 1st - 5th May 2017

Year 2 have been writing their setting descriptions about the Great Fire of London this week. They have been writing their descriptions from the viewpoint of a person who experienced the events that took place, or an animal who was likely to be found in the city.


In Maths the children were learning about how to measure the temperature using thermometers and they have shown that they can recognise the temperature when not all units are present. The children were also able to find the difference between two different temperatures.


The children enjoyed their swimming lessons this week.


Just a reminder that year 6 will be taking their sats all this week so the children must take care when walking around the school and when learning in their classroom. 


Please can you all remember to bring i your PE Kits in and trainers for the mile run.


I hope that you all had a good weekend


Mr. Grabianski