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Week 24 20th - 24th March 2017

We have had a fun and action packed week! The children have been learning about William Shakespeare and one of his plays 'The Midsummer Nights Dream' as it was Shakespeare Week.


The children wrote a character description of one of the characters in the play and created some magical potions using different ingredients.  They used their inspiration and ideas from making their potions, to write a Midsummer Nights Dream Poem.  They were fantastic and the children presented them on the Fridays Assembly.


In Maths the children were learning about place value, estimating and problem solving. They will continue this next week.


In Science the children were comparing the difference between Space food and Fresh food and why an Astronaut would not take a weekly shop with him/her into space. They looked at the alternatives and wrote down their results as to why this would be the case.


On Red Nose Day the children looked fantastic with all of their costumes!  The Teachers were all gunged in the hall which was revolting, but everyone enjoyed the entertainment including the Teachers.


I hope that you all have had a great weekend, see you all on Monday.


Mr Grabianski