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Week 19 6th - 10th February 2017

Year 2 have had a brilliant final week to end this term.


The children have been learning all about Anderson Shelters and what life may have been like having to enter one for the first time during the first days of WW2. The children had to describe how they may have felt hearing the sounds happening outside of the shelter and what it may have been like inside it. The children experienced a mock role play of being inside a Public Shelter at the STEAM Museum on the Wednesday, and the children really enjoyed the experience. They were also role playing being an Evacuee on a Steam Train, experiencing the journey and learning about the activities that the children may have had to endure whilst waiting to meet their new family at the countryside.

I would like to thank all of the parents and carers who were able to support their year 2 children, so that they could enjoy the experience at STEAM and also for the children dressing up as evacuees. Also a big thank you for the parent helpers who gave up their time in supporting me at STEAM during the trip, it was very much appreciated.


The children wrote some fantastic diary entries about being in an Anderson Shelter on the Friday and they have been wonderful to read and mark.


I hope that you all enjoy the well-deserved break this half term and I will see you all on the 20th of February 2017


Mr. Grabianski