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Week 18 30th - 3rd February 2017

This week year 2 have been writing their persuasive letters to parents, persuading them to send children to the countryside, and away from the cities because of the Blitz.

The children all gave convincing arguments and reasons why children should leave the city and they even used some wonderful Rhetorical questions in their letters.


In Maths, the children were still learning about fractions and increasing their understanding of them. They will spend their final week before half term looking at 2D and 3D shapes.


For their topic in History, the children have been looking at evacuees and what they packed in their suitcases when they were evacuated. They have been practising the German language by greeting adults politely and understanding the different pronunciations used when greeting someone for the first time.


The children have been getting ready for their class trip to STEAM next week and we are all looking forward to it.


Hope that you have had a good weekend and I will see you all for the final week before half term.


Mr. Grabianski